Air Purifier and car Dehumidifier ,Dual action unit

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The Black Streak is the centerpiece of the Black Streak product range. Suitable for use in Cars, Vehicles, Boats, Yachts, Caravans, Tents, Motorhomes, Sheds, Garages, Outhouses, Gazebos, Summer Rooms, Storage Rooms, Outbuildings as well as multiple uses around the home. If you need to remove moisture quickly, cheaply and effectively you need the Black Streak. Like a sponge, the Black Streak draws in then locks in moisture, using its unique action granules. With its weight of approx 3500g the Black Streak can absorb up to a massive 800ml of water. This makes Black Streak the most powerful car dehumidifier available on the market today. Unlike many Dehumidifier bags they need to be located directly next to the moisture source, not the Black Streak; its powerful draw means simply being in the same room is enough apart from for the very worst applications. When used in a car it can be located under the seat, or in a door pocket. The Black Streak is made from a non-woven fabric on its surface, which becomes noticeably damp through moisture absorption. The underside is made of plastic, preventing moisture from being transferred downwards. The Black Streak is versatile and repeatedly re-generable by drying on a radiator or airing cupboard. The Black Streak emits a pleasant ice fresh scent for up to 4 months (the scent is not re-generable) The Black Streak stops “winter mothballing” as part of an effective protection system against moisture. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Garden Furniture, Tools and Electrical Equipment should be protected when stored in moisture rich environments. The Black Streak is ideal to protect Caravans, Motor homes and Camping Equipment from moisture damage. Winter storage is made simple and easy, preventing mould, rust and mildew stains.Black Streak is especially good for any type of Boats or Yachts. Textiles,

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