Heat-Cool pack Menthol Scented Neck Rice Pack

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路 As rice is heavier is will work more allow the heat to work deeper into those target arrears Our Rice bags conform to all the British standards with full

instruction on use

路 Rice will not glow and cause a fire with age Although they carry recommended heating times, there is room to safely adjust them

路 Long Heat retention Complies with British Standards (BS8433:2004)

路 Has Velcro fastener for comfortable fitting, weight is around 1 kg to apply the pressure on the pain

路 different fragrances as well to make the use a pleasurable experience

There are many companies around the world marketing such products, for your aches and pains, pain but is real to you, or you would not be reading this. Don’t be put off with our costings, our products come directly to you straight from the factory with no middleman, When we enter a market with a product we aim to be the best, and do our homework first, Wheat or Rice???? Wheat filled: – Four English fire services warn of the risks from Wheat Bags RICE FILLED -ARE MUCH SAFER Sore Muscles These hot rice bags are excellent for sore aching muscles or for lower back pain for those of us who have to sit a lot at our daily jobs. Heat a bag up and place it anywhere you feel the pain. Rice bag will fit the area and soothe the area. A hot rice bag will also help those people who sit all day at a desk job or those people that sit driving a vehicle for an entire shift. Let us face it when you sit all day, even though you take breaks often and move around you still get sore and achy in the lower back region because our bodies were not meant to handle that type of prolonged activity. A hot bag is before because it will fit that section as you sit and continue to work. Rice Packs Are a gentle way of soothing those aches and pains? migraines, bruising, sports injuries, menstrual pains, stress & tension? Containing natural Rice grains and pure fragrances, the soothing blend of the heat and the chosen fragrance aroma soothes and relaxes people and genuinely relieves discomfort. It has been designed to ease aches and pains around the neck, head, and shoulder area. Your heat pack can be used as often as required providing cool or hot soothing, make sure it has cooled before applying fully between uses. Simply heat in a microwave to soothe tiredness. The warmth of the heated product and the benefit of your chosen aroma may assist in the relief of headaches, tension and you can also freeze them for a cold pack

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Weight 2.0943914890000 kg
Dimensions 11.81102361000 × 2.36220472200 × 13.38582675800 cm