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  • *****Large approx 850 filled and capable of holding up to 60% of its own weight in moisture (800 g/L) *****
  • *****The Damp Eater is also fitted with a unique carrying handle for storage or to place in an additional place for multiple usages in the home, camping, boating, etc.*****
  • *****Super-strong bag made from the same material used by deep-sea divers around the world – Virtually indestructible.*****
  • *****Microwave for 30 secs recharge the Damp Eater, so it’s ready for action again. Velcro tot makes it easy to remove the gel for quicker and more thorough drying.*****

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  • for Dehumidifiers, the Damp Eater Has been designed and assembled in The United Kingdom where we have one of the most unpredictable climates for damp in the world. This Model is the large filled version .which is capable of holding up to 800g/l of moisture, or for those that are not technically minded about 60% of its own weight. a substantial amount that you don’t now need to remove, with a cloth when you first get into your car, Try one on the rear parcel shelf it will clear the rear screen and the other on the front dash, When not in use, we have supplied a special size storage bag, You can store in your door pocket so as to save the time between charging, as the damp eater is a dynamic moisture eliminator as soon as it comes in contact with the atmosphere, just get into the habit of leaving it on your dashboard when you park up for the night. The Damp eater is also fitted with a unique carrying handle for storage or to place in an additional place has it has many usages. in the home, camping, boating etc..You will know when it needs charging YOU WILL SEE THE COLOUR CHANGE IN THE WINDOW.Do not worry that the bag will break, they are the same bags used to carry shot lead by deep-sea divers around the world. So are virtually indestructible, you can CHARGE in a microwave, for 3min, and the Damp Eater is ready for action again, we have also made a Velcro top remove the gel for quicker and more thorough drying,

    Our product is the large one, I cannot understand why anyone would buy a small 300g unit that will yes do the job but only last a short time, while ours will for a small amount QUALITY SILICA FILLED DEHUMIDIFIER BAGS. Silica is generally recognized as the best chemical more last in theory 3 time longer, just doesn’t seem to make economic sense !!

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