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  • ***Unique antislip side, to stop your new damper from sliding off the dash ***
  • ***Grade A silica filled, considered the best and most absorbent silica on the market today***
  • ***Fitted with its own detachable absorbent removable gauge for independent charging ***
  • ***Made from soft polar fleece, for that warm feel to add to your cars interior design ***
  • ***Will last for months on a single charge, then easily charged with a microwave ***

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anti slip polar

INTRODUCING THE NEW DAMP EATER POLAR CAR DEHUMIDIFIER BAGS Brand new on the market in the UK and straight from the Seal factory, who own the copywrite on Damp Eater Products, there is no middle man to take the profit so as the UK agent for Seal Products, I can offer it to you at unbelievable price, As many already know from our other products that Silica is a very unusual chemical, that is recognized above other types of descants, there are several types of silica, but Grade A is the best and the one we use in all our damp eater products That actually cannot fail to work, it was first used in industry in 1922 and has been very successful ever since, and as you can see we have sold 1000s with very good reviews, So from the feedback we get from our customers comes our new polar range.

Many have sort to produce an antislip product but have had to resort to purchasing loose pads, our polar comes with a complete reverse side made with total anti-slip material 1. We are the first to use a humidity Gauge to let you know when to charge it 2. The polar fleece is especially been purchased for its strength and softness 3. It Has a Velcro fastener to remove the gel!! Why you may ask do you need to remove the gel The entire world’s leading manufacturers of the gel stipulate that it has to be regenerated at a temp of 120c (248 f) FOR ABOUT 2HRS as the water moisture gets ingrained into the gel, any other way is questionable that it would work.

Placing the unit in a microwave for a minute at a time is at the moment as good as it gets for a substitute repeating until there is no steam

no slip mat
No more trying to stick on dashboard to mark you nice new car that is if you can be bothered to even try

Polar anti slip

Polar anti slip

This may look like rubber but it is not it is a mixture, to make the fleece nonslip

and it does not lose its Antislip characteristics,

  • Very unique material
  • the nodules are not hard and spiky but smooth
  • Does not melt when following instruction to regenerate

No slip mat needed

Our New 2024 Polar dehumidifier has all the antilip you will need watch video , it will amaze you

Polar fleece is noted for its soft smooth velvet-like feel so as you would expect they are well sought after for in a motor vehicle, to find a polar non-slip material is very difficult, but we have one now,

  • Don’t wast your time on buying a rubber mat to put you dehumidifier on
  • Soft smooth anti slip total unit made with two sided fleece one side totally anti slip
  • will last for years if treated kindly
New Polar Anti slip

Both Sides of our new dehumidifier

Sorry guys you only get one, We show both sides to give you perspective one side is covered with the polar fleece non-slip and the other is the totally polar fleece slide, where we have a pocket for the damp gauge

Know When the unit needs charging

Damp Gauge need Charging

This gauge is very sensitive
  • Remove the gauge from its pocket
  • Place the whole unit in a microwave for 1min
  • remove let it cool , repeat until no steam
Last a long time

You will find that our unit will last many months between charges as it draws the damp from the atmosphere, rememeber it starts to absorb water as soon as you open the packet

Damp Gauge Charged

This gauge is very sensitive

These cards are set to 50% damp content

This is the color when they are fully charged

As they get damp they turn green to pink

But don’t be too alarmed if the turn quickly

As the unit will hold 60-70% damp from the atmosphere,

Gauge Recharging

you can remove the gauge from its pocket on the front, if you wish, and place it in a microwave for 3 mins and it will return to the original color, but the unit will go months before it needs charging, Another way you may tell is the weight the unit ( should be around 1kg approx then when socked will weigh 60% more that’s a lot of water

Just a suggestion as to where you could place the seal product polar dehumidifiers

On the rear parcel shelf

Front consul

On the dash

In the door

On the rear parcel shelf

front consul

On The front dash

In the door sides

Weight 2.1935995069000 lbs
Dimensions 9.44881888800 × 3.93700787000 × 3.54330708300 in