Thai BBQ, Korean Barbecue, Muh Ka Ta, Thai Table Fondue


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Size Approx Diameter: 12″ inches or 30 cm. Approx High: 3.50″ inches Quantity: 1 Pan & 1 Stove The 12” inches (30 cm) Thai BBQ Grill Pan is made of aluminum, easy to clean. This tabletop BBQ grill pan is best suited for Thai or Korean style BBQ. It’s a good idea to share activity cooking and have a meal together with your family or friends using this type of grill pan. The top surface of the grill is lightly coated with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Or simple way, we will start the cooking with several pieces of bacon to “grease” (and flavor) the grill. Thinly sliced strips of meat or seafood are cooked on the aluminum dome portion of the grill. The moat around the inside circumference of the grill is filled with broth in which vegetables and noodles are cooked to complete the meal. Thai Barbeque Grill Set is perfect for household use, outdoor party. The set accommodates cooking hot pot and BBQ or grill at the same time. The Pan is placed on a charcoal stove base. Soup can use a simple stock on the outer ring of the pan boiling vegetable and noodles. The center is used to grill meats.