AKM-Fin-Bag Snorkel-Diving-Swimming-Fin RED


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FIN BAGS Here it is our new stylish versatile Scuba FIN bag which springs into action as soon as you need it, it stands up on its own not like any other Fin bags.This bag is super strong it in no way can rip or tear.It can be used for all kinds of things. Has a great Zip that is rust proof Whether its diving equipment or sports gear Fins it will carry just what you need .This bag Has a great carry Handle What is unique is the Internal mask compartment we have searched the market and seen no others , not only will it hold the mask but has room to place other valuables there is also a very cleaver place to put your snorkel where we have made a Velcro strap to keep secure there is plenty of room for all kinds of gear. not just the fins , We have made the bag with a stiff section where you would slide the heel of the fin into , at the bottom , there is plenty of very strong mesh material to allow drainage THIS IS A WORLD CLASS FIN AND SNORKEL BAG WITH A VERY SPECIAL INTERNAL MASK COMPARTMENT WHICH WILL MAKE ALL YOUR MATES JEALOUS .

Weight 2.2046226200 lbs
Dimensions 22.04724407200 × 15.35433069300 × 14.17322833200 in