AKM-Scuba Diving Weight Harness Medium (2019 Updated)


  • Fitted with an array of strong poly carbon D-rings.M/L 47 in to 51in (119cm-129cm) cumber band length 144cm ( 56n) back strap 36cm (18in)
  • This harness been made with padding for the shoulders and the hips, It is CE rated to carry 20kg max
  • This harness has non of the problems of the Belt type that tangle easily from diver to dive
  • Will Carry soft or hard weights
  • Has additional pockets at the back for trim weights

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This AKM Weight Harness is a great way to add weight and manage buoyancy with your set up.

This Harness is made to provide a comfortable fit.

This Harness is perfect for managing your buoyancy effectively.

Made with quick release straps allow for the whole harness to be removed quickly and easily.

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Dimensions 16.89 × 7.6 × 3.7 in